Hydro-Quebec is proud to welcome you to visit 3 of the main distribution facilities right here in Montreal.

The technical tour will be held on Monday September 10, 2018. 1 group of 36 people will be divided into 3 groups of 12 and will alternate visits of the 3 facilities.

Here is the schedule:

12:45 pm: Bus leaves Westin Montreal
16:45 pm: Bus returns to Westin Montreal
Cost: $30 per person
Capacity: 36 people

Metering Operation Centre

Hydro-Québec’s “Centre d’Exploitation du Mesurage” (Metering Operation Center) is at the heart of a network of 4 million AMI meters.

This advanced infrastructure provides much more than just billing information. It also provides: 

  • electricity usage profile to our consumers with year over year comparison;
  • the ability to do remote service disconnects whether for overdue accounts or vacant premises;
  • quick and accurate outage information, as well as real-time nested outages detection following restorations;
  • and also the ability to detect potential fraud, heat points on meter bases, electrical non-compliances, transformer surcharges, customer excess-peak demands, network off-sets, low-voltage points, and so on.

All this is all possible thanks to over a billion individual data elements received daily via our Gridstream two-way communication network which supports close to 40 million daily exchanges with our AMI meters.

Visiting the CEM will give you insights on how a relatively small team manages such a large scale system.


Provincial Distribution Command Centre

The CCRD is the provincial command centre for distribution at Hydro Quebec. Is main role is to dynamically tracks service interruptions (Planned or not), service calls and recovery performance. In an emergency situation, this centre coordinates the application of Hydro-Québec Distribution's service restoration emergency plan.

Is main objective is to help territories with proactive decision-making, reduce recovery times during major outages, provide the right information the clients and to respect our commitments to the customers.


Underground Training Centre

The underground training centre for Distribution as to teach, coach and certified every new Hydro-Quebec underground workers that goes in the field after for network construction and maintenance. On demand, It can teach contractors that as to go in underground vault.

There main objective is to help the Hydro-Québec Distribution underground sector to train every new workers. They also act as the reference in working method and construction standard when the engineer and technician as to do bring new component or apparatus to the field.