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Session 2A: Grid Transformation

As power utilities of all sizes have modernized, adding new applications and communication networks that improve the efficient generation and delivery of power, new challenges in ensuring the grid remains safe from cyber threats have arisen. The reach of communication networks is now spread across generation, transmission and distribution networks connecting grid devices that monitor and control the flow of power all the way to the point of power consumption at the meter. The point of entry for cyber threats in this age of IoT has risen exponentially with threats coming from around the world as well as from within the utility itself, posing risk to data and assets. 

This session will include a discussion about cyber threats and their sources and best practices utilities can take to reduce cyber risk. Cybersecurity best practices includes a combination of products and services, processes and procedures, and employee education which will be reviewed. It will also include an overview on the critical role of management and the board of directors in supporting utility cybersecurity efforts.


Mihir Kapadia, VP Engineering, N-Dimension Solutions