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Session 1B: Utility Management Strategies

In 2015, Alectra launched a residential solar storage pilot program (POWER.HOUSE ) funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Conservation Fund. 

The pilot enabled the installation of 20 residential solar storage systems within Alectra’s service territory to determine both the customer and grid value they could provide. 

In 2016, Alectra embarked on a feasibility study in partnership with the IESO to investigate the benefits and challenges associated with widespread adoption of the POWER.HOUSE program in Ontario (specifically York Region). The feasibility study was intended to primarily answer two questions: 

  1. Is it feasible to expand the program to a larger number of residential homes? 
  2. What are the costs and benefits of, and barriers to an expanded program? 

The feasibility study conducted analyses to understand:

  • the potential adoption of the POWER.HOUSE technology;
  • the potential value streams that could be realized through increased adoption;
  • the scalability and costs associated with increased adoption;
  • the technical capabilities of the technology; 
  • the feasibility to defer /eliminate the need for transmission /distribution upgrades to meet future demand;
  • the monetary value associated with the services the technology can provide; and,
  • barriers and catalysts to widespread adoption.

Vikram Singh, Manager, Smart Grid Technologies, Alectra Energy