Trading in the Old for the New - what the future holds for us?

As utilities face the challenge of modernizing their grid - some take time tested routes while others recognize that they need to adapt to changing paradigms.

This distinguished panel brings together utility leaders to discuss their grid modernization ideology in the times of advanced technology, falling costs of renewable energy technologies and storage,  and a customer moving towards becoming more independent from the electric grid.

The Trends in Smart Grids will be presented by:

David Lebeter, VP, Field Operations and Safety, BC Hydro
Brian Ketcheson, VP Distribution and Customer Service, SaskPower
Lyla Garzouzi, Director, Distribution Asset Management, Hydro One
Angelo Guimento, Manager - Smart Grid & Technology Solutions, Hydro-Quebec
Tom Wasik, VP Asset Management, Alectra

Moderator - Emily Heitman, VP Energy US & Canada, Schneider Electric