Full program and speakers announced! Cyber Security Workshop Sep 11 2017

The Cyber Security Workshop will discuss the following themes:


After the Ukraine attack, WannaCry, INDUSTROYER, how do you keep up and how do you protect yourself? How to build a Threat Intelligence Platform - Dina Kamal, Deloitte


How should you protect your critical assets, how do you protect your grid and your equipment's

  • INCIDENT RESPONSE                                                                                                                

Are you ready in case you get hit and are you testing your OT capabilities to respond

- Incident Response concepts and techniques, in addition to testing your OT environment with red teaming exercises - Rob Masse, Deloitte


New Ontario Energy Board regulations and others (NERC), what is the impact and what needs to be  done?

- New Ontario Energy Board regulations and how these might have an impact on other provinces - Jojo Maalouf, Hydro Ottawa