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Claudio Rimada, Energy Automation Engineering Manager, Schneider Electric


Claudio Rimada is presently Engineering Manager at Schneider Electric Canada in Montreal. His responsibility is to bring solutions in terms of protection and control for MV and HV substations using IEDs with communication capabilities, mainly IEC61850. He designed protection and control schemes for the main utilities across Canada. Lately he has been focused in distributed protection schemes on wind and solar projects In 1984 Claudio received his engineering degree at the Buenos Aires University. In 1985 he joined Eliovac S.A. where he designed and installed meteorological data networks using Meteor-burst, VHF and satellite communications. In 1987 he joined Kalay S.A., Argentina and as Chief engineer he developed software, data loggers, RTUs, transducers and communication processors for MV and HV substations. He was also responsible for the design of a complete data acquisition system based on power line carrier RTUs to monitor 850 distribution points in Buenos Aires MV distribution system. Claudio joined GEC ALSTHOM T&D Argentina in 1993 and he worked as R&D engineer designing protection relays. In 1996 he became Engineering Manager and he designed the first GEC ALSTHOM numerical frequency relay with df/dt and courier communication protocol mainly intended for load shedding schemes. In the same period he also provided SCADA solutions using PSCN and Wonderware systems. In 2000 he was appointed Production Manager and he started up the production line of P20 and P40 MiCOM relays. In 2003 he was appointed South America Support Manager to organize the regional business and develop new activities. During the period 1993-2003 Claudio was also Professor of Computers and Microprocessors at Belgrano University, Argentina. In 2004 he was appointed Canada Support manager where he organized the business activities in the region such as commissioning, training and maintenance. He also provided technical training/consulting to the main utilities in Canada and US. Specialties: - Engineering management. - MV and HV substation protection and control applications. - TCP/IP Network design including switches, routers and gateways. - Industrial and substation protocols. - Hardware and software design using embedded processors. - Analog and digital circuit design. - RF circuit design.