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Session 7B: Utility Management Strategies

Multiple drivers including commercialization, falling cost, and government incentive programs have caused a paradigm shift in the energy sector towards renewable energy systems. Despite the numerous benefits including reduced emissions and losses and grid expansion deferrals, the full potential of renewable energy systems can only be realized if a combination of advanced control and energy storage systems is adopted to optimize the operation and cope with their intermittent and variable nature.
Microgrids provide an attractive solution to the higher resiliency and clean energy targets of North American cities where the unfavorable climate change outlooks predict increased frequency of disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. Microgrids not only provide disaster mitigation but also enable renewable energy integration, higher energy efficiency, macrogrid support and customer participation during normal operational mode.

In this presentation the concept and benefits of microgrids for grid modernization initiatives and the importance of energy storage technologies for DER and microgrid functionality will be discussed and successful projects across Canada will be reviewed.

Sima Seidi, Principal Consultant, Microgrids, Smart Grid and Distributed Generation, Tetra Tech Canada Inc.