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Session 6B: Utility Management Strategies

Data is beautiful, at least it can be up to the point there is too much of it. That’s where machines come in. Machines are far better than humans at processing large volumes of data. In the electric utility industry, the explosion of data now available from smart meters and other intelligent electronic devices is putting a huge burden on utilities to analyze at scale and to take full advantage of the opportunities the data can bring. Yet for all the data now available there are still gaps in grid intelligence because utilities are limited to data retrieved from physically fixed data sources and often those fixed locations are not where the data is needed. Simply put, there is a missing layer of data needed in the electric distribution grid and that layer is critical for supporting initiatives in operational efficiency.

Awesense recognized this dual-pronged challenge of having too much data - but not always the right data – to improve the efficiency of the electric distribution grid. We will share examples from different utility customers to show how they have retrieved data from intelligently selected locations to reduce theft, find overloaded transformers and other grid optimization applications.

Mischa Steiner, CEO, Awesense Inc.