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Session 4A: Grid Transformation

The Maintenance and Investigation of LinES (MILES) project started in 2001 at Hydro-Quebec in an effort to improve the quality and the continuity of electrical services. MILES uses the patented VDFL technique to locate outages and Non-Persistant Faults such as vegetation, damaged insulator or conductor swing, on the network with unparalleled accuracy. Over the last fifteen years, HQ has tested and refined MILES using data from over 50k faults on a multitude of different feeders to develop a module that determines the probable fault causes.

MILES also provides instantaneous emails for each fault and offers monthly reports with details on each outages and NPF. This is used as a powerful performance evaluation tool to assess system health for each monitored feeders. From this information, areas where vegetation is an issue are easily spotted and vegetation management can be optimized to the specific areas that are problematic.
Using MILES on their worst performing feeder, HQ was able to accurately target what couldn’t be found previously using conventional methods. With these results, a targeted maintenance plan was prepared and led to a SAIDI improvement of 61% and 51% reduction of the outages. Based on the previous maintenance plan, $1M investments were avoided.

Jean-François Veilleux, Project Engineer, CIMA+
Troy Martin, Project Director, CIMA+