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Session 2B: Utility Management Strategies

We have embarked on a journey of transformation to set a foundation for success in the changing world of energy. We are witnessing evolving energy consumers and communities. Our mission is to have our customers as our partners on this journey. It is critical that we become more agile, more innovative, more customer centric and more collaborative as we continue to serve our customers expectations today and as we prepare to serve their needs in the future. 
Culture change within our traditional utility setting is an essential ingredient to achieving success. Having employees who are engaged and in the right frame of mind is absolutely essential to this transformation as they can be our best ambassadors as we work on new opportunities. 

We have put a transformational change strategy in place and we have begun this shift as we seek new revenue streams and value added propositions for our customers.
May 2015 we engaged Kotter International to assist us with our utility transformation. Our approach engages employees by making them active participants in the vision. Over the past two years NB Power has formally adopted the Kotter Eight Step Accelerate Change Methodology to help us execute with agility and speed.

Michel Losier, Director, Customer & Community Relations, NB Power
Sherry Thomson, Chief Human Resources Officer, NB Power